Whether you are just getting started as an employer, need a regular weekly commitment from us or something in between, we can help.

We offer a flexible approach to engaging our services which focusses on your business need and plans.

Our services are designed to suit your individual requirements and budget.
It doesn’t matter if you employ 1 person or 200 we can help.

  • Absence Management

    Frequent short term absences can be extremely disruptive to your business as well as causing resentment amongst team members. Sensitive handling of the situation to determine the underlying causes of absence are put in place as we strongly believe improvement plans is crucial if the situation is to be rectified. We have extensive experience across a number of industry sectors and will bring this to bear on your behalf.

  • Bullying & Harassment

    Overt bullying or harassment is largely a thing of the past. However it does still happen and is often subtle in nature. Handling a complaint of bullying or harassment sensitively and fairly is not easy. It can be time consuming and upsetting for all concerned. Let us spare you this headache by using an experienced HR consultant.

  • Contracts

    Having the right type of contract in place in your business can make all the difference. Do you need a zero hours contract? If so what do you need to be aware of? Would a temporary contract suit your purposes better or do you need a comprehensive bespoke alternative? Talk to us, we can offer a number of options to suit your need

  • Disciplinaries & Dismissals

    Getting this wrong can be costly for a business, not just financially but in lost time and the demotivating effect it can have. Let us use our expertise to keep you out of trouble. We can manage the process from start to finish on your behalf.

  • Family-Friendly Legislation

    Helping your business to establish a reputation as a good employer by using the ‘tools’ of being Family Friendly. This doesn’t mean that you are a “push over” but rather that you will consider the work life balance of your teams alongside the business plan to get the best of both worlds.

  • Grievances

    It is never pleasant to receive a complaint against your business or one of the team. For this reason it is important that the situation is dealt with in a sensitive manner. Establishing the required outcome at the start of the process is critical, increasing the chances of a positive outcome for all concerned

  • Holiday Entitlement

    Understanding what you can and cannot do when it comes to the holiday entitlement of your teams will help with the planning and strategy for the business. How do you handle the dreaded ‘snow day’? Let us take the strain from your shoulders with our experience and expertise.

  • Internet & Email Usage

    Protecting your employees and your business from the misuse of your email and internet systems is vitally important especially with GDPR looming on the horizon. Social media can be a great business tool but it needs to be managed correctly.

  • Recruitment

    From writing the job or role profile to conducting the interviews, we can help you search for and select the best people for the job. We can manage this process for you, not only freeing up your time but also ensuring that the process is fair and non-discriminatory.

  • Latest Legislation

    The main employment law updates happen in April and October. Keeping your business up to date is important to us. We prepare ahead of time to ensure that by the time a change comes into effect all your policies and HR documentation have been amended to reflect the change.

  • Notice Period

    Notice periods work both ways but do you understand the minimum requirements and your legal obligations? What can you do if your employee is being disruptive during their notice period? What do you do if they refuse to work their notice period? You do have options and we have the answers.

  • Payroll Services

    From paying your team to dealing with HMRC we can do it all. We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll services. We are able to take care of all your Auto enrolment obligations and RTI submissions on your behalf. We produce clear payroll reports for your business for each pay run as well as at End of Year. Combining Payroll and HR allows us to provide a seamless service across the business.

  • Redundancy

    Having to make people redundant is a difficult decision for any business owner. By engaging our services you can be assured that the procedural side of the process will be dealt with correctly and with a great deal of empathy. We will clearly explain the steps for you, the business owner, and for the affected employees. We have dealt with a number of different redundancy situations including CVA’s.

  • Employee handbook

    Whilst your contracts will lay out the terms of employment; your employee handbook explains the standards that are expected of the team, how these standards will be measured and how any shortfalls will be dealt with. We produce bespoke employee handbooks to reflect the culture and industry sector of your business.

Retained Services

For the larger more established business usually with 15+ employees. We can work with you to help and support you in managing your team. Starting from as little as a couple of hours a month to a regular weekly commitment; our plan is flexible to suit your needs. You can use this service to help you get the most from your team, starting to put in place the HR structure, processes and procedures that will provide the future framework for the growth of the business. We will deal with all the HR matters that arise providing professional support to the team, managers and owners. We work as part of your team even when we are not on your premises.

HR Projects

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands or some support to deal with a particular tricky situation. It can be a great comfort to be able to call on our services. We will guide you through the process and fully support you whether that is in the background or fully hands-on. At the end of the process you may decide to use us more regularly or not, we don’t mind. So whether it is to help with a critical recruitment or manage a tricky disciplinary matter please don’t lose any more sleep we can help.

Pay As You Go

For smaller companies, we provide a pay as you go option, which allows you to use our HR experiences, but not on a monthly outlay. For more information about this service, please click here:

Pay As You Go

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