Pay as you go

No need to panic because Morgen HR are still available to you as a PAYG basis

Are you a small or medium sized company that cannot afford to commit to a monthly contract? This is exactly why we set up Pay As You Go. This provides you with reassurance that an experienced HR professional is “on call” to support and assist you through whatever challenges you face and whenever you face them. We charge our time in 10 minute blocks making this service even more cost effective for you.

You can still sleep at night

Morgen HR may not be a constant for you, but if something is keeping you up at night and you don’t know what to do, then do not fear as you can call us and we will do everything to help and just charge you for the time we have spent. “Ahhhh” and relax again.

Morgen HR PAYG won’t break the bank

We are not that HR company that will charge you £200 an hour because you don’t use us frequently. We charge our time in a 10 minute block which makes this service a lot more cost effective for you and your small business.

Happy boss, happy employees, happy business

This is all Morgen HR want to help you with and provide assistance with. We understand that a small or medium size business doesn’t come across problems often, and they don’t recruit on a regular basis which is exactly why we have this option. But if there is something that isn’t quite working, we aim to make it all better to ensure everyone is happy again.

why our clients think we're great

I found them (Morgen HR) to be an excellent organisation providing specific and relevant business support to SmartAnalyst.

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