What is HR

People have strange ideas about what HR does, so to put the record straight, we are not a recruitment agency, PR company or pink and fluffy people persons!

Most people understand that HR departments handle matters such as Recruitment, Payroll and Employment Policies and Benefits, but they also tend to be the “go between” for employees and managers and can clarify company information such as maternity/paternity leave and also sick pay.

However, HR does not just stop there like most people would have you believe, they are also an extremely important part in supporting the company to help develop long-term goals for growth and development.

So what makes Morgen HR different?

We do not rant on about legislation and best practice, nor do we throw our hands up in despair the minute you are not PC!

We offer practical business solutions on Human Resources​, Employment Law​ and Training​ issues in your business.

Although we offer assistance with recruitment, payroll and GDPR, we have so much more to offer. For a full list of services Morgen HR can offer, please click here

How can we help

Do you know that feeling when you can’t turn your brain off to go to sleep because something is worrying you about your company? Or when you wake up in the middle of the night because you know you need to deal with HR issues in the morning, and you haven’t got time or fully understand…

You don’t need to worry anymore, because you can just give us a call. With our experience there is very little chance that you can spring a surprise on us! We will deal professionally with all matter and maintain confidentiality throughout. Let us give you back peace of mind that your HR is being looked after as you want it to be without you losing sleep over it.


Now you're sleeping again, how do you optimize your business?

So your brain is now shutting down at night because you have the reassurance that Morgen HR is supporting you 100%, but there is one question that is still burning… How can I optimize my business? The answer is the same as before, Morgen HR.

Let us help you to engage, motivate and manage your team so that you can drive sales and profitability within the business. We can also sit down and we will support you with developing long-term strategies for growth and development.


How do you get your time back?

Once we have the basics right it is easier for us to manage the various processes and procedures moving forward. Working with you and your teams as an integral part of your business we can support and advise on all aspects of HR and employment law freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of the business.


Here to help

Whether you just need some help and advice, your HR Manager needs an extra pair of hands or you just want us to 'make it all go away' - we can be there for you, with a tailored solution, which allows you to do what you do best - manage your business and we tackle HR!

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why our clients think we're great

"Helen is an HR specialist who really 'gets' business. She took my brief and immediately understood what I was trying to achieve. She delivered to an incredibly high level and her work has had an immediate impact on the business and on the team I employ - superb! "

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